Five Random Things About Me

"Five random things about yourself, then pass it along to your favorite followers."

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  1. I love savoury foods way more than sweet.
  2. I have permanent top and bottom teeth retainers.
  3. I can’t get into tv series. Keeping track of the time they come on, making sure to reach home on time…way too much effort. I’ll watch a series if it’s on youtube tho, on my time.
  4. I want an outdoor shower in my future home. That feeling of bathing outside is invigorating. #standpipememories
  5. I once had alcohol poisoning in Japan.

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re: Trini Tumblr Meet Up


On Saturday August 2nd, I will be in the Botanical Gardens in Port-of-Spain (probably in the afternoon; don’t worry splitsun, we will work out someting).

if you’re following me feel free to pass through with food and/or libations.

definitely reblog this and tell your friends.
i want to meet you guys and see your beautiful faces.

if possible, bring flower crowns.

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What time-ish? I’ll see what level of runaway can be accomplished. I won’t be able to cook anything in time tho.

There’s only so much you can take away, chastise, threaten, enforce, cutarse, and talk about in therapy.

My reservoir of patience is currently on E. I told her I don’t want to see her for a couple days, my level of respect and regard for her is at 0.